Colorpuncture: What is it?

Colorpuncture, developed by Peter Mandel (Germany, 1941), is a component of esogetic medicine.

It brings together old and new insights from modern Western and Eastern healing methods. With the help of a small light pen and colored glass rods, light and color is ‘injected’ into the skin (on zones of the skin and on acupuncture points). The skin relays these light impulses to the cells and acupuncture meridians which then carry it to the organs and different body systems where the colored light impulses are received. In this way natural healing begins and the natural rhythm of life is regenerated.
lichtpen2Colorpuncture is color therapy and light therapy combined and both are powerful processes, involving the body as well as the soul and spirit. It is absolutely painless and therefore also ideal for treating children.

Meaning of the colors