Colored glasses

The power of colors

Energy for life, holidays, sport and work.

Light and color are one. As the biggest source of light on this earth, the sunlight contains all the colors of the spectrum. The natural sunlight gives us daily the complete spectrum - and with that the power to live. Our body nourishes itself with this light. It takes it as nourishment through our food as well as through our eyes and skin. But, generally speaking, we spent 80% of our time indoors. This creates a color and light deficiency. This may cause a disrupted energy balance, and so a weakening of our immune system. Over time this may lead to sickness.

An easy way to nourish ourselves with light and color is by looking through colored glasses. This nourishes the eyes and the whole body. It results in a better functioning and promotes well-being.
Most colored glasses can be worn throughout the day: during reading, watching television, but also outdoors during sports, holiday and leisure time. They serve also as sunglasses.
The quality of the glasses is very special: they optimally reach the most efficient point of the spectrum in all the individual colors. This way, the colors are being absorbed in their purest form.


These glasses come in seven different colors.
So you can choose according to your mood or if needed: change your mood by wearing them!

One pair of glasses in one of the seven colors: € 49,75

Chakra set: seven glasses in the chakra colors:

red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, violet. € 348,25

Prices are inclusive 21% VAT.


The glasses contain a full UVA- and UVB-filter, which gives 100% protection. Therefore the colored glasses are the ideal sport-and sunglasses.

Concave shaped lenses support the effect of the colors and the light on the eyes. The shape of the lenses provides a wide view and protect one from the wind at the same time.

The ultra light, flexible frames and lenses are of a high quality polycarbonate and are almost unbreakable. The lenses are of a very high optic quality. A special layer (hard-coating) protects the lenses from scratching.

The frames are made from an break proof material. The soft rubber pads for the nose are adjustable, so they are easily adapted to everybody’s size. This makes the glasses fit nicely and comfortably.

Orange (increasing contrast and giving energy), yellow (improving visibility even in poor conditions and mood enhancing) and blue (calming and relaxing) lenses are wonderfully suited for all kinds of sports!

The yellow and green lenses are in accordance with protection level 1 (slightly shaded). Violet is in accordance with protection level 3 (dark shaded). All the other lenses are in accordance with protection level 2 (moderately strong).

SpektroChrome comply with the requirements regarding the optical correctness as set by EN172 (European Standard), ANSI 80.3 (American Standard) and AS 1067.1 (Australian Standard)
SpektroChrome GLASSES comply with CE directive 89/868/EEC according to standard prEN 1836-1997