Perlux lightsets & accessories

Perlux p117 Perlux P117 for point-treatment
Set with one battery powered therapy light pen P117, seven glass rods in different spectral colors, a point locator probe (palpater) and a spare light bulb. The basic set for color therapy

Order number 2000. Price: € 630,-

Perlux  F333Perlux F333 for the treatment of zones
Set with battery powered light pen F 333 for treatment of zones and bigger areas on the skin, seven flat lenses in the spectral colors and a spare light bulb. Ideal for treatment of the family and oneself, at home or on the road.

Order number 2100. Price € 297,-

PF Combi 450 de luxe PF Combi 450 de Luxe for surface/zone and point treatment
Set with two therapy light pens P117 and F333, seven glass rods in different spectral colors, seven flat lenses in the spectral colors, a point locator probe and a spare light bulb.

Order number 2200. Price € 800,-

Perlux soul spirit colors Perlux soul spirit colors
Four different special colors: light turquoise, light green, crimson and rose. The glass rods are bent and are primarily used in the 'spiritual therapies' of Esogetic Holistic Medicine. With this set comes a booklet with some treatment possibilities with this light therapy.

Order number 1040. Price € 298,-

Perlux grey colorsPerlux grey colors
Three bent glass rods in different intensities of grey. These nuances are used in the treatment of the 'grey zones'.

Order number 1030. Price € 223,-


Perlux IR 950 Infrared set - HyperythrosPerlux IR 950 Infrared set - Hyperythros
Set with a Perlux-IR-950-Infrared pen and a point locator probe. Specially used in pain therapy. The Hyperythros IR-950 works with a special infrared diode, which works with a constant invisible frequency of 950 mm

Order number 2600. Price € 569,-


Perlux UV 370 Ultraviolet Perlux UV 370 Ultraviolet set Hyperiod
Set with a Perlux-UV-370-Ultraviolet pen and a point locator probe. This UV torch is used in treatments for complaints which have been existing for a longer period of time. The frequency used here is 370 nm.

Order number 2500. Price € 710,-


Perlux spare glass rods, in the seven spectral colors. Price per piece € 41,70
Order number:
1011 red
1012 orange
1013 yellow
1014 green
1015 turquoise
1016 blue
1017 violet

Perlux spare glass rods in the soul spirit and grey colors
Price per piece € 84,40
Order number:
1041 light turquoise
1042 light green
1043 crimson
1044 rose
1031 light grey, nr. 1
1032 middle grey, nr. 2
1033 dark grey, nr. 3

Spare light bulbs for the light pens Perlux P117 and F333
Order number 2800. Price € 18,50 per set of ten