Kirlian photography. What is it?


One photo tells us more than thousands of words....

Energy Emission Analysis (EEA)
is a method based on the theory of the meridian system and this is made visible on photographic paper in black and white.
By using the Kirlian effect the discharges of the surface charge distribution density of the fingertips and toes can be made visible. This radiation can be interpreted via a topographical map developed by Peter Mandel.
This organ topography points out exactly which of the organs and body systems are out of balance, often even before complaints appear. This makes the technique very valuable as a preventative means of analysis.
The patterns and phenomena on the photo are unique for every individual. The imaging technique permits the simultaneous representation of the tips of the fingers and toes of both hands and feet on one sheet of photographic paper. This allows an immediate survey of the polarities of above/below, right/left, right hand/ left foot and left hand/right foot.

The photo can be used as way of analysis in color therapy, light therapy and other methods of energy healing. It is a wonderful way of keeping record of the energetic healing process.