Colorsound therapy

Specially designed music CD's which offer help for emotional processes and physical issues. You can download a pdf with more info: booklet for colour sound therapy

Psychosomatic balance. Stimulates the hormonal balance, reduces stress
CD Order number 8310 € 24,95

Conflict resolution (four CD's)
-Dissolving of old blockades
-Letting go
-Energy increase
By listening to this music, old conflicts come up to the surface and can dissolve. It is a means to help overcome difficult periods in one's life and to break through old patterns.
Set of 4 CD's Order number 8210 € 86,-

Headache/ Migraine. Reduces cramping in the brain, also to prevent onsets of headache or migraine.
CD. Order number 8320. Price € 24,95

Sleeping disorders. Promotes relaxation and a natural sleep
CD. Order number 8330. Price € 24,95

Immune system. Helps discharge toxins and strengthens the immune system.
CD. Order number 8340. Price € 24,95

Concentration. Activates intelligence, the memory and learning abilities.
CD. Order number 8350. Price € 24,95

Motivation. Stimulates dealing with emotions and provides the motivation to lead life according to one's needs.
CD. Order number 8360. Price € 24,95

Totality: Body - Spirit - Soul (three CD's). Activates and detoxifies soul and spirit. Promotes life energy and joy in life.
Set of three CD's. Order number: 8500. Price € 65,95

Esogetic soundscapes - audio-energetic therapy

Series of nine music CD's, which offer help for emotional processes and promote consciousness. You can download a pdf with more info: booklet for soundscape therapy


Soundscape 1: Polarity - polarity, letting go of the old and allowing the new to come
CD. Order number 8410. Price € 24,95

Soundscape 2: Regeneration - fantasy and fascination, starting it
CD. Order number 8420. Price € 24,95

Soundscape 3: Self-confidence - instinctive power, living from one's own center, starting one's own life
CD. Order number 8430. Price € 24,95

Soundscape 4: Vitality- power of the sun and life
CD. Order number 8440. Price € 24,95

Soundscape 5: Self-knowledge- forming and letting it grow
CD. Order number 8450. Price € 24,95

Soundscape 6: Change - to have and to be, to let the energy flow and allow change to happen
CD. Order number 8460. Price € 24,95

Soundscape 7: Re-orientation - the way and the goal, discovering the path in one's life and make the necessary changes.
CD. Order number 8470. Price € 24,95

Soundscape 8: Harmony - starting and finishing what you have started, and ending in the right way.
CD. Order number 8480. Price € 24,95

Soundscape 9: Completion - all processes are being connected with each other and rounded off.
CD. Order number 8490. Price € 24,95