Computer Protection Glasses

PC screens are not as harmless as one would think.

In the meantime there are clear indications that flat screen back light can cause irreversible damage to the eye e.g. old-age blindness (macula degeneration) due to its high proportions of blue light. An employed person can easily be exposed to 4,000 hours or more of aggressive blue light radiation per year.

Protect your eyesight with these Computer Protection Glasses from PRiSMA!

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Risks of modern light sources

Due to their high proportion of red in the near infrared and long-wave range, the good old light bulbs are easy-on-the-eye. In contrast to that the modern mercury and LED light sources must be viewed much more critically. Mercury light sources can be found in the back light of flat screens (notebooks, computers and TV screens), energy saving lamps and fluorescent tubes. The biggest strain to the eye is caused by TFT screens in front of which people spend many hours daily during their working life. In addition to the radiation load coming from the screen the fluorescent lighting at the workplaces contributes to this negative effect.

Light with an extremely high proportion of blue in TFT screens

Flat screens use mercury light as a back light. This light is - as in the case of fluorescent tubes - produced by gas discharge. While the spectrum of the white daylight is composed of a harmonic proportion of colors, fluorescent lamps resp. TFT screens radiating mercury light have a discontinuous spectrum. The latter shows high unnatural short-wave proportions of blue (blue, indigo, violet) with pointed "energy highs". However the red area, which is responsible for promoting blood circulation, shows low energy (see graph).

Computer Protection GlassesComputer Protection Glasses

A danger to the retina?

A person doing on-screen work looks directly into the source of light for a long time. This means that the radiation hits - unfiltered and bundled - the spot of the sharpest vision, the so-called macula lutea, also called the yellow spot which is located on the back wall of the eyeball. The lens filters ultraviolet light, blue light does not. This proportion of blue light can, in the long term, lead to damage such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an incurable disease of the yellow spot. Numerous scientific studies on AMD have proven that blue light can be harmful to the eye. Oxygen radicals damaging cell metabolism in the eye are produced under the influence of blue light.

Blue light impedes vision

Blue light breaks more easily than red light. It is focused on different level in the eye than long-wave light, which results in chromatic aberrations and blurredness. This is why pilots and athletes often wear yellow glasses, which filter the proportion of blue light, thus heightening visual acuity and contrast perception. Often AMD patients also get prescriptions for yellow glasses or lenses in order to protect their macula from destructive blue light.

Computer Protection Glasses Computer Protection Glasses

Disorder of hormonal balance

Light with a high proportion of blue also affects the hormonal balance in a negative way by reducing the production of melatonin and boosting the generation of the stress hormones cortisol and ACTH. Disorders of the hormonal balance can lead to illnesses caused by civilization such as cardiovascular diseases, sleeping problems, metabolic disorders as well as disorders of the immune system, cancer, diabetes etc.

No chance for regeneration

Near infrared light is able to activate cytochrome oxidase, an important enzyme for the functioning of the mitochondria and therefore promotes wound healing and repairs tissue damages on a cellular level. If one spends the biggest part of the day in light containing a high proportion of blue and looks into computer screens for a long time the eyes get an overload of short-wave blue light. As this light lacks the proportions of red and infrared light responsible for enhancing blood circulation, the regeneration can often be insufficient.

Brightness control offers no protection

The brightness control of a screen works through pulse width modulation regulating the on-time of the source of light in a certain frequency. Even when reducing the brightness of the screen the pauses between the impulses indeed become longer, but the power of the impulses is not reduced. Therefore the light impulse always penetrates the body tissues to an equally deep level, even when the eye perceives a lower brightness caused by frequency modulation. Pulsating signals can disturb the biological balance even more than permanent signals. TFT screens only cease to flicker when turned on fully. That is why it is recommendable to turn the screens on fully and wear special Computer Protection Glasses from PRiSMA.

Protect your eyesight!

In order to protect eyes from mechanical and chemical danger it is necessary and normal to wear protection glasses. But the danger caused by unprotected work at screens and under fluorescent lamps is often played down or denied by orthodox medicine although the above-mentioned damaging mechanisms have already been proven in cell experiments. Who wants to wait until maybe only in many years from now - orthodox medicine research delivers the final proof? If you already want to protect yourself today, we recommend you to wear PRiSMA Computer Protection Glasses as a precaution.

PRiSMA Computer Protection Glasses offer you lasting protection for your eyes against harmful blue light given off by screens, energy saving lamps and fluorescent tubes.

Price: Computer Protection Glasses € 70,- for Prisma Office Pro Amber
or Prisma Office Lite




Prisma Clip-on Lite€70,- for Prisma Clip-on Lite (Pro is not available at the moment).



Prisma Office Lite€ 99,75 for Prisma P1 Office Amber Pro or Prisma P 1 Offic Lite



€ 70,- for Prisma Freiburg Amber Pro or Prisma Freiburg Office Lite

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PRiSMA Computer Protection Glasses

  • protect your eyes
  • filter out aggressive proportions of blue light
  • reduce light-related disorders in the hormonal balance
  • boost eyesight and contrast perception
  • 100% UVA and UVB filter

computerbril What makes PRiSMA Computer Protection Glasses stand out is their perfect fit, their elegant look and their high quality: The glasses frame of our light protection glasses is made from the high-tech material Grilamid TR90, a very high-quality synthetic material offering best wearing comfort due to its low weight. The rear of the earpiece is malleable in a cold condition and the nose piece is made from non-allergic, skin-friendly material. Both the earpiece and nose piece are easily adjustable to the shape of your head and nose.

High stability, chemical durability and a robust surface appearance are guarantors for our long-lasting protection glasses. The lenses are made from break-proof materials with a scratch-resistant surface sealing and they are of the highest optical category.

PRiSMA Computer Protection Glasses fulfill like all models in the PRiSMA collection highest international standards regarding comfort and safety.

Safety instructions:

Due to the filtering characteristics of PRiSMA Computer Protection Glasses a reliable color detection is not provided for the whole visible spectrum. Therefore these office glasses should not be used for security-relevant screen handling which requires a correct color detection. Examples: Process monitoring in nuclear power plants, air traffic control, life-maintaining systems in medicine etc.
Therefore only the Prisma Office Lite, P1 Lite, Freiburg and Prisma Clip-on Lite are suitable for car driving!